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Morocco is intensely exotic, with a variety of experiences on offer. It is a kaleidoscope of intricate architecture, vibrant colors, incredible flavors and buzzing markets at every turn. While away the hours wandering around souks, relaxing in a hammam, or sipping traditional mint tea in a street-side cafe. Cities hold plenty of sites of interest, such as Marrakech’s Museum of Modern Art, Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque – the largest religious monument in the Muslim world after Mecca – Mohammed V’s Mausoleum in Rabat, and Fes’ rambling médina – now one of the country’s several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Travel just a few miles from the city, however, and you’ll find an entirely different face to Morocco : Berber tribes inhabit the golden Sahara sands and traditional farming communities subsist on produce grown in the plains of the Atlas Mountains, rearing cattle in some of the most dramatic scenery imaginable. Around Essaouira, and elsewhere on the Atlantic coast, clear blue waves lap miles of largely undeveloped coastline creating a surprising surfer’s paradise. Morocco is well known for its hospitality and knows how to do luxury, whether you prefer to stay in a plush new hotel or a riad full of character, you can experience all the country has to offer without compromising on comfort and relaxation.

Time is money: Morocco is just 3 hours from Europe by air. Great flight accessibility with direct flights into Marrakech, Casablanca (which also serves Mazagan), Agadir and Fez.

Accommodation & Conference venues: Wide range of accommodation options from meeting hotels to amazing resorts, from exotic riads to sensational boutique hotels.

You will find a wide range of conference facilities and Audio Visual equipment for Conferences and Seminars.

Morocco Destination Fact File

Moroccan Dirhams – Symbol MAD

Notes are in denominations of Dh200, 100, 50, 20 and 10. Coins are in denominations of Dh10, 5 and 1, and 50, 20, 10 and 5 centimes.

Credit cards: Most major credit cards are accepted in larger restaurants, hotels, guest houses and the occasional shop in the souks, with Visa and MasterCard being accepted most widely.

ATM: Cash can be withdrawn from ATMs in larger towns, although service in smaller towns can be erratic. Most major hotels now have reliable ATMs.

Banking hours: Mon-Fri 08.15-15.45

Health Advice

No vaccinations are required but you should always check for advice with your local health center.


The country of Morocco is located on the northwest tip of Africa. It has a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and several things can affect Morocco weather. The three main factors that affect the weather in the country of Morocco are its latitude, the Atlantic Ocean and the hotter desert winds from the Sahara. The climate is classified as Mediterranean in the north part of the country.

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Local Time

Morocco is on GMT all year


220 volts AC, 50 Hz for newer buildings / 110 volts AC, 50 Hz for older buildings. European-style, two-pin plugs are standard.

Main cities for Attendance MICE Marrakech & Tours purpose


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History: Founded in 1062, Marrakech is an oasis town, It has been a major trading post between Africa and Europe and is known as "The Red City". Location: located in a sumptuous setting at the foot of the majestic Atlas Mountains.

-Very safe destination with a tradition of hospitality.
-Wide range of accommodation and conference facilities options.
-It evokes relaxation, sun, calm, lazing beside swimming pools.
-It is a true paradise for shopping.
-Beautiful weather almost all year round.
-There's golfing from a choice of ten world-class golf courses
-Ski station at the nearby High Atlas Mountains.

Sightseing Marrakech offers superb sightseeing both in the city with its spectacular sites and palaces, its great venues and mysterious places, but also out of the town with the regions of the Atlas mountains, featuring impressive landscapes and Berber adobe villages clinging to the slopes.


DMC agency in Morocco

History: It was founded and settled by Berbers by at least the seventh century BC. The Phoenicians and later the Romans used it as a port

Attractions :
- Very safe destination with a tradition of hospitality.
- Wide range of accommodation and conference facilities options.
- Hectic and modern, Casablanca, the economic capital of the Kingdom, is a city which never sleeps.
- The Corniche of the city is a harmonious living space offering many activities: restaurants, ice cream stores, luxury hotels, shopping centers, playgrounds, shows, nightclubs, movie theaters, yacht clubs ...
- There's golfing from a choice of three world-class golf courses

Sightseing There is a European touch to much of its architecture, and the city has a modern swagger that is unseen in other parts of the country. The medina district is a charming area and much smaller (and easier to navigate) than those elsewhere. In addition, the colossal Hassan II Mosque is top of the list on most sightseeing checklists


DMC agency in Morocco

History: Founded in the 9th century and home to the oldest university in the world, Fez reached its height in the 13th–14th centuries under the Marinids, when it replaced Marrakesh as the capital of the kingdom.

Attractions :
-Very safe destination with a tradition of hospitality.
-Wide range of accommodation and conference facilities options.
-The cuisine is considered to be among the best in the world.
-Just 40 miles from Fez lies the city of Meknes, another open-air museum
-Volubilis, a Roman archaeological site just north of Meknes

Sightseing The Medina of Fez is considered as one of the most extensive and best-conserved historic towns of the Arab-Muslim world. This imperial city is the custodian of 13 centuries of Moroccan history. Meknes has a rich, prestigious past and harbors marvelous surprises. Walk through the walls that guard the celebrated Medina of Fez, whose outstanding universal value has been recognized by UNESCO. Meander along the streets of the Fes-El-Bali district. The Bab Boujloud Gate is the easiest way to access the medina. In May, the city's squares and streets come to life with music from around the world as the Sacred Music Festival takes over the one-time imperial capital.